Is this not a public car park?
No. The car park is privately owned, and visitors are permitted to use the car park for legitimate purposes, so long as it doesn’t exceed the time paid for (for paid sites), or sign posted time limits, and is not in breach of any other Terms & Conditions of the car park.

Why did I receive a Breach Notice?
The use of the car park is bound by certain terms and conditions which can be found on the signage at the site. You have received a Breach Notice because you have breached these terms and conditions.

Are parking Breach Notices enforceable?
Yes. These notices are enforceable under laws relating to Contract and Informed Consent, and have been successfully upheld in the courts.

Are you allowed to issue me with a Breach Notice?
Yes. Because the car park is private property, we have been authorised by its owner to monitor and enforce the rules of vehilce access and use. A Breach Notice is issued on the basis of a contract with the vehilce owner/driver, which is communicated via the signage at the site outlining the terms and conditions and giving authorisation to park. When you breach this contract, we seek reasonable liquidated damages in the form of the Notice Fee contained in the Breach Notice you received. We ensure that all our sites and signage is clear, visible and in line with the relevant Code of Practice.

Do you operate under any industry codes of practice?
Yes. We work under the framework of the relevant Codes of Practice for both New Zealand and Australia.

How did you obtain my name and address?
You may have provided your details to us previously. We may have also obtained your details by order of the applicable Court in your relevant State/City, or via the national driver licence database which we are licensed and authorised by the relevant authorities to interrogate.

I have a valid reason and wish to dispute the Breach Notice, what can I do?
If we’ve got it wrong, or there’s some other valid reason for you to raise a dispute, we want to hear about it. An appeal must be submitted in writing via the online form on our website. We will respond to your appeal as quickly as possible, but usually this takes up to 3-5 business days. During the appeal process your Breach Notice will be placed on-hold and there will be no enforcement escalation until the appeal is concluded. Each appeal will be treated professionally and with dignity.

When are the parking terms and conditions monitored?
Each site has its own signage communicating the terms and conditions and these can be enforced at anytime of the day, 365 days of the year.

What will happen if I ignore the Breach Notice?
If the breach notice is ignored and no payment is received, you will receive further reminder letters which may incorporate additional administration charges. Subsequent action to this may include a referral to debt recovery or the issuance of court proceedings, both of which will incur further costs. We strongly recommend appealing your Breach Notice to open communication with us about your breach notice, rather than ignoring it.

Why can't I park all day, or for any time duration of my choosing?
There are only so many spaces available to use in the car park, and these need to be shared with others who also have a need to use it. If you and others use the car park all day, or for longer than what is permitted, then other genuine visitors may end up having nowhere to park, causing inconvenience and frustration, which may result in them taking their business elsewhere, causing loss of sales for the shops those visitors intended to visit. Enforcement is used to manage and regulate parking for everyone’s benefit, both visitors and those who they visit.